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[EP-tech] How to delete succeeds-field?

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Isn't the reverse? I mean the missing eprint has the succeeds field that
points to an existing eprint.

Thomas: I've found a solution. Go to:

/cgi/users/home?screen=Listing&dataset=eprint (Manage records on the top
bar -> Eprints)

and search the id of the record deleted or with problems. Then destroy
it (the dust bin) and then regenerate the abstracts, the link to the
missing one is gone.

If you don't even have it in records, you've to go with the db.

Mine was an Eprints 3.1.X and I didn't had the manage records.

I think that using the db in this situation is easier because the
succeeds is just a field and there should be any problem changing it (it
is not indexed or used elsewhere).

Il 19/05/22 13:04, David R Newman ha scritto:
> the succeeding eprint still has its succeeds field set with a now
> missing eprint ID

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