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[EP-tech] Searching problem in eprints repository

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
While trying to search by keywords and title in the simple search option it is picking the words from the abstract field and we have only 200 documents that have algorithms in the keywords field but while searching it is showing the 651 documents on the search result page.
how to do that to give only the result that matches with the query.

Using 3.4 version of eprints.

and also how to create the select different drop-down fields (all, author, keywords, etc....) to search through the simple search options area on the homepage.

here I share the conf. the file of simple search pl

$c->{search}->{simple} =
search_fields => [
id => "q",
meta_fields => [
preamble_phrase => "cgi/search:preamble",
title_phrase => "cgi/search:simple_search",
citation => "result",
page_size => 10,
# order_methods => {
# "byyear" => "-date/creators_name/title",
# "byyearoldest" => "date/creators_name/title",
# "byname"   => "creators_name/-date/title",
# "bytitle" => "title/creators_name/-date"
# },
default_order => "byyear",
show_zero_results => 1,

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