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[EP-tech] Main/filename not set in staging area

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi All,

Once again I've done something to our poor Data Repository. We're on EPrints 3.4.4.

If we upload files the "normal" way they go on with no problem.

If we do an upload of files over 4GB in our "Staging Area" then "Main" is not set in the Documents database table. I'm almost certain that this is something specific to my repository as we have some slightly different files in:


compared to the github for EPrints 3.4.4:


We have File.pm, URL.pm and Staging.pm. Some changes have been made to these files to enable the staging area. I've no idea how customised this is compared to other repositories. Other values appear to be getting set and the "filename" is being set in the Files table.

Before I go through a semi-destructive process of trying to set this value, is there something very obvious that I'm missing?

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