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[EP-tech] Faceted Search (EPrints goes ElasticSearch)

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Dear ep-tech members,

we have implemented faceted search on our EPrints repository ZORA at University of Zurich, using ElasticSearch.

A public beta is now available for trying out and testing on


Please provide us feedback on the feedback form available on this page.
All documents of ZORA (about 150'000) are available for searching.

We decided to use ElasticSearch because of its performant and fail-save infrastructure. It provides many functions that can be expected from
a modern search engine:

Facets: filters on selected criteria such as publication year, document type, open access status, journal, affiliations and many more
Autosuggest and -complete during typing
Context-dependent result snippets of abstract and fulltext
Hit highlighting
Responsive GUI
and many more things

Code will be made available later this year on Github (eprintsug).

Kind regards,

ZORA-IT (Martin Br?ndle, Jens Witzel)
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