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[EP-tech] ORCID integration

Hi Ranju,

I have raised this as an issue on the GitHub repository:


I am not sure if there is code in the ORCID Support Advance plugin that 
should be doing this or it is just a case that it is broken.? That would 
take further investigation and is why I have raised the GitHub issue.? 
However, if ORCID state this should be happening then it must be 
considered a bug one way or the other.


David Newman

On 21/01/2021 11:26, Ranju Upadhyay via Eprints-tech wrote:
> we are testing ORCID integration in eprints. we have installed all the 
> plugins and most of the things seem to work. However, there is one 
> part that does not seem to work as ORCID expects it to. When a user 
> disconnects from ORCID in her/his profile in eprints, the "Trusted 
> Organisation" section in ORCID side does not get updated i.e it does 
> not delete the Trusted Organisation from users profile in ORCID even 
> though the user has disconnected .
> ORCID says it should.
> My question is , should that be deleted ?
> Does anyone know?

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