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[EP-tech] BibTex and RIS export - property of "unpublished" changes "item type" to "unpublished" ?

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
I just opened this as an "Issue" on EPrints 3.4 in GitHub, but it's the same in Eprints 3.3 as well.
The BibTex and RIS exports check for the "ispublished" property, and if they find "unpublished" they set the Item Type to "unpub", regardless if the Item Type is actually a thesis or a book or whatever.
Is that correct?
I ask because it also happens to break the import into Zotero, as that doesn't seem to understand "unpublished" as an item type.
Any comments on that would be appreciated.  I could just comment out the lines that overwrite the item type to "unpublished" in the export plugins, but seeing as these are part of the EPrints core, I wanted to check-in and ask if perhaps we need to change this in the core?


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