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[EP-tech] Elements-EPrints Odd Characters stopping upload

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi All,

This is an Elements/EPrints question. Apologies that it isn't purely EPrints, but this is probably the best place to get an answer. I want to know if others experience this or it's some oddity to our setup.

We are using RT1 (for now) and EPrints 3.3.14 (also for now until upgrade). Occasionally we get an Elements record that is from Scopus, PubMed etc. that has an odd character in it that prevents upload. When I look in the Apache logs it tells me the problem. Yesterday's one was the presence of:

 "Unicode Character “’” (U+2019)"

Which showed in the logs as:

"Can't escape \\x{2019}, try uri_escape_utf8() instead at /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/URI/Escape.pm"

Importantly if I copy the problem characters to the manual elements record it doesn't pose a problem. There appears some processing to properly encode characters entered via text box, but not characters dragged in from other sources into Elements.

I've also had the issue with the files containing "'" or" ";" etc not being accessible via Elements (a very similar, but different problem).

I found where I COULD fix the former issue, but it involves changing EPrints code when I SHOULD be altering the Symplectic connector code on the repo server.

Anyway, I'm not specifically looking for a solution, but has anybody else experienced anything similar? If so, does it stop with RT2? I hope to raise a ticket with Symplectic over this eventually.