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[EP-tech] Ref Plugin OutOfScope and calculating not compliant figures

Hi all

I was wondering if any Ref Plugin users on the list can help us out with this...

We are calculating our percentage of compliance with REF Open Access policy to make sure we're below the 5% threshold.

The REF Plugin marks gold open access items as 'OutOfScope' (along with articles and conference proceedings accepted before 1/4/2016, or with no ISSN, or other item types).

The REF Guidance states that each unit can submit up to 5% 'in-scope' items that do not meet the requirements.

So should the denominator we use to get our percentage exclude gold items because the plugin says they are 'OutOfScope' or do we include them in the number because they are effectively 'compliant' (and give ourselves a bit more leeway?).

The latter seems the fairest to me - but that then leads to how other plugin users highlight which 'OutOfScope' items are in fact gold/compliant when using the Submission System report to send off to Research England?

Any help much appreciated!

Mick Eadie
Research Information Management Officer

Direct Line: +44 (0) 141 330 6294

Room 509
University of Glasgow Library
Hillhead Street
G12 8QE


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