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[EP-tech] 'help Cant Upload file'

Hi Aris,

There could be a number of reason for this.? Have you never been able to 
upload files or has it only just stopped working.? If so can you think 
of any changes you may have made to the EPrints codebase or 
configuration (i.e. edited EPrints files from the command line) or any 
changes you have made to the webserver's Apache configuration?

I have seen this exact problem a couple of time recently.? One reason 
was due to having the following line in the Apache configuration:

Header always set X-Frame-Options DENY

This needs to be changed to:

Header always set X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN

However, I think this unlikely to ne the issue as the original DENY line 
would have had to have been deliberately configured.? The most likely 
reason is just a general issue with the JavaScript for your EPrints 
repository.? Most web browsers will allow you too look at the JavaScript 
console.? On FireFox this is under the main menu (i.e. the three 
horizontal bars), go Web Developer and the Web Console. With the console 
page displayed, reload the original page and try uploading a file and 
see if any errors are displayed on the console page.? If you could 
report these back, I may be able to advise on what you need to do to fix 


David Newman

On 22/05/2020 09:05, Aris Kurniawan via Eprints-tech wrote:
> ? Hello
> the problem of uploading files, when I try to upload files always 
> fails, I show in the picture below
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