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[EP-tech] OAI-PMH datestamp value

Hi Mick,
In OAI-PMH terms, the 'datestamp' should be when the record was last updated.
This is correct - and the basis of the OAI-PMH incremental harvesting.

The 'datestamp' in normal EPrints terms is the date that the record was first made live.

I think there should be a difference between what CORE see as 'data bout the OAI-PMH representation' and 'data about the item tiself'.

Can you see data in CORE that looks incorrect?


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Hi list

I?m looking at out OAI export and the datestamp value, e.g.


I had thought datestamp in the export mapped to eprint->datestamp

But looking at this in relation to REF work and data we?re sending to Jisc-Core is seems to be ?date last modified? that?s being used.

Is this the default mapping in EPrints?


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