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[EP-tech] Issue with Search

As an update to this, it?s a problem in EPrints 3.3.16.? A fresh install of 3.4.1 doesn?t have the issue.





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Date: Friday, 6 March 2020 at 11:40
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Subject: [EP-tech] Issue with Search




                I have a search configuration that runs on a bespoke object type.  It looks like this:


                search_fields => [

                        { meta_fields => [ "title_title", "title_acronym", "issns_issn" ], id => 'publication_title-auto', merge => 'ALL' }



                When I search for an object using the full title, e.g. ?American Journal of Medicine? I get no results.  If I search for ?American Journal Medicine? I get results.  It appears the presence of a stop word is affecting the search results.  Any ideas why?






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