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[EP-tech] Server timeouts - MySQL Problems

Hi All,

This isn't necessarily directly EPrints related, but its about a server
running EPrints.

I've noticed a problem this week with the repository. In the early hours of
the morning the number of users drops to zero for several hours between 2am
and 6am (according to Google Analytics). Due to having  a cold I've been up
between these times and can confirm that the repository website times out
when I try to connect from home.

I don't get any memory or CPU warnings from our monitoring software. My gut
instinct is that it's an issue with MySQL connections not closing in a
timely manner. We do have cron jobs that run at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 which
I'm aware fall right within the problem zone, but these have been running
at the same time for years and have never caused an issue.

Has anybody experienced anything similar to this or have suggestions as to
how I could chase it down?

It's a Ubuntu server with MySQL running EPrints 3.3.14. I don't think it's
an EPrints issue, but there is nothing in the log files to suggest what's
happening. The apache error log is blank for the hours that the server
won't connect.

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