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[EP-tech] Issues in Chrome (for Mac) on 3.3.15/16

Hi Alan,

Feels to me like it might be some sort of security feature. Otherwise I 
would expect it to break more generally.? Can you see anything appear in 
the web console (More tools -> Developer tools -> Console) when you 
click the buttons to add rows/fields? If so, please post back to the 
list, as I am sure if I don't, someone else will know what any console 
error message means.


David Newman

On 23/06/2020 16:04, Alan.Stiles via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone else has seen any issues with some of the 
> Ajax functionality in EPrints 3.3.15 (ish) when accessing via Chrome 
> browser on a Mac?
> The key things I?ve seen recently are :
>   * adding rows for ?multi? fields via workflow e.g. editors (when
>     keying in data) instead of adding rows the existing rows are deleted.
>   * Batch edit ? admin search works fine, then in batch edit it won?t
>     return the first 8 records of the search or allow a field to be
>     added for amendment.
> Both of the above work fine via Chrome on windows and e.g. Firefox on 
> the Mac, but something about Chrome on Mac just isn?t happy!
> Alan
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