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[EP-tech] Error installing IRStats2 from eprints bazaar admin menu

Dear all,

First of all I'm so glad to be connected with you all in this mailing list.
I'm Bilal from Polytechnic APP Jakarta in Indonesia. Our institution using
Eprints ver. 3.4.1 as institutional repository software. Thank you for all
the people that made this software available freely.

Second, I want to ask all of you, that might know, about a problem that I
encountered recently. As we are still in the early stage of development,
right now I'm trying to install IRStats2 add-on via eprints bazaar menu.
But in the process I got an error message: "Error operating on
/opt/eprints3/lib/epm/irstats2/bin/stats/: Permission denied" (pic
attached). Is this error related to the permission setting in the server or
something else?

Many thanks,


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