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[EP-tech] Division/Subject/Department Info

Hi All,

For those who use EPrints and Elements, may I ask how you handle a change
in university structure with respect to Divisions/Departments?

For example, say we currently have:

Faculty of Humanities -> School of Art -> Department of Philosophy

But we change to:

Faculty of Humanities -> School of Thinking about Things - > Department of

Would you seek to preserve the old structure on items that were deposited
during that time? Or would you want them to update to the new structure?
Likewise if a member of staff moves from one department to another e.g.
Department of Biochemistry to the Department of Chemistry. I'm aware
Divisional info in Elements is attached to the user rather than the record.

My assumption is that they WOULD change in EPrints once the
Subjects/Divisional table is changed and Elements is prompted to update the

The reason I ask is that we don't currently use Divisional Information and
the university structure is changing. I'm not sure whether it's best to
preserve the old structure on old items or let them all change as necessary.

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