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[EP-tech] solved: Debian9 full-upgrade to Debian10 likes to remove eprints

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Hi David,

> > It would be useful for clarity if you could detail the exact steps that you had to take ...
> yes, for sure, after passing the final goal ... and successful reproduction on our production server;
> fortunately `script` helps :)
although I reached my initial goal, I'm still not satisfied, because I couldn't imagine to have discovered the most straight way ... thus I will have another try on our next server ...!
In the meantime following findings:
Keep an eye on mysql-server!
Stick to mysql-server 5.7, because 8.0 introduces some more trouble!

> > adding MySQL's own APT repository so that it continue to exist according to your operating system ...
> obviously mariaDB has to be deactivated in order to allow mysql the operation!
now it's done, but the deinstallation seems to be at first incomplete, i.e. has to be fixed manually :(
As promised, details will follow ... when everything is more clear!

Many thanks for your assistance