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Re: [EP-tech] User Roles

Hi Adam,

I don't usually use GitHub, but I've given myself a refresher /crash course.


I've included a "sub bish" in the TwitterEvent.pm which was to test if this file was being reached at all, with the hope that it would add a unique/nonsense string to my error log. This didn't work.

Whatever mistake I've made, it must be incredibly basic. I was under no illusion that the plugin would be correct first time (it's almost certainly got errors), but I would expect the nonsense text to reach the error log so I can at least know that it's trying to run my script.


On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 8:39 AM <adam@adamfield.net> wrote:
Is it in github?  Can you link me to the code?

On 16 Jan 2020 08:31, James Kerwin via Eprints-tech <eprints-tech@ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:
Hi All,

I rewrote my twitter bot using a different Perl module as it wasn't working how I wanted it to (failed with "special characters").

It worked when I rewrote it as a .pl in cfg.d. I then decided to rewrite it as an Event plugin as this seems like the "proper" way to do things. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

I can see that it gets added to the indexer and it subsequently fails.

One possible reason it fails is that I don't have any user roles set up for it. For an event plugin, do I need user roles to be set up?

I've tried to look at documentation for other plugins, but they also involve a "Screen" plugin which is what I assume the user roles are for. My plugin just uses the status change trigger to compile and send a tweet.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.