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Re: [EP-tech] Export::MultilineCSV

Hi Matt,

For multiple items this line is being called



but for a single item there is no equivalent line




The list function outputs a header, then calls the individual item function for each thing in the list, whilst the single item only calls the second function.

Hope that explains it, if not solve your issue.




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Hi All,


Staff have come across a discrepancy, with MultilineCSV exports, and I can’t seem to track down the cause and/or a viable resolution…


Scenario 1)  Perform an item search, get a list of results returned, select MultilineCSV, --> Export…  The resulting CSV file, contains everything expected… for each item in the search result list…

Scenario 2)  While Logged in, performing editorial tasks, on the ‘Actions’ tab, there is an Export option..  Generating the CSV this way, the same data fields are provided in the CSV file, but obviously only for the single item…


The discrepancy is…

Scenario 1 provides a Header row, field names etc… , while Scenario 2 does not.



Any hints/explanations would be most appreciated..




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