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[EP-tech] Ubuntu and EPrints Version Upgrade

Hi All,

We currently have an old version of Ubuntu on our live and test servers,
with EPrints 3.3.14 running on them.

I would like to upgrade both Ubuntu and EPrints with as little fuss as
possible. I intend to go to a minimum of Ubuntu 16.04 and EPrints to 3.4.

Is there anything I should be aware of? Regarding the Ubuntu upgrade I
suspect I may need to re-install some Perl modules in the best case
scenario. I don't want to think about the worst case, although I will be
ensuring I have a viable backup to fall back on.

For the EPrints upgrade I have no idea what to expect, although I have read
through the various guides. I'm slightly more nervous about this because
EPrints is a relatively niche area compared to Ubuntu.

Any pointers and advice would be much appreciated. I know the problems I
might face depend on how my servers are set up, but on the off-chance there
are common problems I'm not aware of I thought it might be good to ask this

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