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[EP-tech] EPrints and website subdomains

Hi All,

*Short version:* I'm attempting to install EPrints on my (personal) server
under a subdomain. e.g. website name with random static pages is example.com.
I want my EPrints installation to be accessed via eprints.example.com. I'm
struggling because I don't know a lot about Apache and subdomains.

*Long version:*
I'm attempting to install Eprints 3.4 on my personal server (I only use it
for practice/experimenting).

Initially the server ran a very simple website. Mostly static pages with
some php and mysql etc. I have security certificates and there were no
subdomains. I've done what I THINK I need to do to create a subdomain with
my server provider (ionos) and I've managed to install EPrints and now I
think it's about getting the Apache part right.

If I disable the eprints apache conf files I access my website via
example.com and eprints.example.com and both of these take me to my usual
previously existing website. If I enable the eprints apache conf files I
get taken to EPrints via both example.com and eprints.example.com and I can
no longer access my pre-existing website.

This isn't urgent as I'm only playing around in preparation for an upgrade
soon. I was just hoping somebody had some experience with EPrints and
subdomains. I thought I had all I needed in the way of an example as my
repository is livrepository.liverpool.ac.uk. I assumed this was a subdomain
and so modelled my apache config on the ones on my work server.

Any sort of guidance or useful resources would be a huge help.

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