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[EP-tech] Abstract Metadata Rendering/EPC

Hi All,

I'm back on the "Hedonic Treadmill" of EPrints and need some advice.

I can't work out how the metadata in an EPrint abstract is rendered, which
I need to know in order to change how names of authors/creators are shown.
At the moment they are listed side by side, separated by commas. There are
too many commas and it's difficult to read.

Could anybody point me in the right direction? I'm with it as far as:

<epc:print expr="$item.property($fieldname)" />

in my "summary_page.xml" file. The "name" field in question is a compound
field called "creators" ("name" and "id") and in the summary_page_metadata
config I've passed the name as "creators_name" so as to not display the
related "id" on the abstract pages.

I spent hours trying to work this out yesterday and didn't get far.

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