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[EP-tech] indexer and csrf problem

Hi all,

I am new to eprints. I recently installed eprints 3.4.1.
But I encountered some issues while testing the software.
I hope you can help me.

o If I want to deposit an article and put the item into the live repository,
 ? the indexer starts some jobs but they keep pending forever.
 ? Restarting the indexer has no effect.
 ? If I do a reindex with the epadmin command, everthing is ok and the pending
 ? jobs are resolved. Any idea what happens here? What can I do?

o If I enter the "Storage Manager" as Admin in the Config Tools,
 ? I get the following error message:

 ? Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) was detected whilst processing
 ? your last request and therefore its action was not authorised.

 ? Have I missed some configuration?
 ? Any hints are appreciated

Thanks in advance

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