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[EP-tech] generate_views

Hi All,

The generate_views script runs on our EPrints server once a week (early
hours of Saturday morning).

It started on Saturday and is still running now. I'm confident that it's
still generating views, there are just a lot of records to go through. Has
anybody experienced anything similar or have suggestions on how I could
decrease how long it takes?

I think my main option is to get rid of some views (not too keen on that)
or speak to our computing services department and ask for the server to be
given a bit of a boost (likely to be rejected unless our EPrints instance
is running so slowly it goes backwards).

I suppose I could run the script every two weeks etc. but I already feel as
though a week is quite a long time between the views being updated. Plus a
minimum of 4 days is a long time for this script to be running.

Does anybody have experience with this and any advice on what I could do?

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