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[EP-tech] EPrints 3.3.16 error when running apache2 restart


I just installed eprints 3.3.16 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Then, I put the
archives folder from my old eprints (version 3.3.12) to the location
/usr/share/eprints/ archives

I have imported a database of previous eprints into the new database. the
problem is, when I restart Apache2, an error appears as follows:

[Thu Jan 31 06:25:22.987237 2019] [perl:notice] [pid 11821:tid
140559951174592] Warning! Running EPrints under threads is experimental and
liable to break
[Thu Jan 31 06:25:23.551255 2019] [perl:error] [pid 11821:tid
140559951174592] Invalid version format (negative version number) at (eval
509) line 1, near "package EPrints::Config::myrepo"\nsyntax error at (eval
509) line 1, near "package EPrints::Config::myrepo-"\nBEGIN not safe after
errors--compilation aborted at (eval 509) line 2.\n

I've searched Google and haven't found a solution. Can anyone help with
this case? I am surprised that there is a description of "Running EPrints
under threads is experimental and liable to break".

thank you

Best regards,
Agung Prasetyo W.
Life isn't valuable if you don't have someone to care

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