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Re: [EP-tech] EPrints/Elements Merge Problems

Hi James,

Based on some experience with this it can be due to the symplectic_pids
table in EPrints getting out of sync.  I have in the past had to make
manual corrections to fix this.  It has never been clear to me what
caused the issue, as I only have access to the EPrints side.

I would take a look in this EPrints database table.  It has three IDs
two from Symplectic and one from EPrints.  A record with no outstanding
merge issues should have the same two Symplectic IDs and the associated
EPrint ID.  Sometimes I have not even been able to find the record I
need in this table based on a lookup against either the EPrint or
Symplectic ID.  Tell me what you find and I maybe able to advise
further or confirm whether this is or is not the issue you are


David Newman

On Thu, 2019-05-16 at 09:18 +0100, James Kerwin via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Hi All,
> This may be a question for the Symplectic list, but on the off-chance
> anybody has experienced similar problems... Has anybody had trouble
> with merging records in Elements and the result in EPrints being a
> complete mess?
> A record was merged recently and the results in EPrints are two
> documents in the same folder on the server (where the file download
> link points two).
> For example, there is usually one file per bottom level directory:
> Dir 01 = file1.pdf
> Dir 02 = file2.pdf
> and so on.
> I'm getting:
> Dir 01 = file1.pdf, file2.pdf
> Dir02 = file3.pdf
> Also the files showing Elements seem to be duplicating themselves and
> keeps changing to "deposit incomplete" Always one more of the
> duplicated file in Elements than is appearing in EPrints.
> I know I can tidy this up in EPrints, but I'd like to stop it
> happening altogether.
> Thanks,
> James
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