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[EP-tech] Thesis Bulk Upload/Import

Hi All,

The University I work at is currently exploring options for digitising our
collection of theses, with an aim of them going into the institutional
repository and I have some questions if anybody could lend me some of their
experience and opinions.

1) I've noticed some organisations have a separate instance of EPrints for
theses. We currently put each thesis into the institutional repository
along with all other types of item. Is there a benefit to separating them

2) Does EPrints facilitate any sort of bulk upload of Documents and EPrint
record creation? I've had a quick look around and found the following from
Tomasz Neugebauer and Bin Han:


I'm curious to see if this is still relevant (it's very thorough) or if
there are any other methods or potential pitfalls to avoid.

3) Following on from Q2, is there a preferred/ideal format of metadata? The
article makes it clear that many different formats are supported, but again
I'm wondering if there are any pros and cons to any particular format.

The digitising won't be complete for some time so I'm taking the
opportunity to get ahead of it and be ready.

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