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[EP-tech] Error when running irstats


Previously, I migrated eprints 3.3.12 to 3.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Currently
I have managed to move eprints from an old server to a server using Ubuntu
16.04 LTS.

Only, when doing the irstats process, the *process_stats REPOID --setup
--verbose* command appears an error like the following:

*DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Incorrect string value: '\xF76' for column
'value' at row 1 at
/usr/share/eprints3/lib/plugins/EPrints/Stats/Handler.pm line
653.....DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Data too long for column 'value' at
row 1 at /usr/share/eprints3/lib/plugins/EPrints/Stats/Handler.pm line 653.*

Did this error occur because our previous database actually came from the
version of mysql 5.5.54 (eprints 3.3.12 and Ubuntu 12.04) and changed to
mysql 5.7.25 (eprints 3.4 and Ubuntu 16.04).

I have searched Google and haven't found a solution. Can anyone help us
with this error? Then will this error affect the amount of data displayed
on IRStats?

thank you.

Best regards.
Agung Prasetyo W.

Life isn't valuable if you don't have someone to care

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