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[EP-tech] Cannot login to new installation

Check the apache error log, any message there?

Il 06/12/19 06:42, Ravi Murugesan via Eprints-tech ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I'm new to EPrints. I've just set up my first EPrints website and I am
> able to see the homepage on my browser. When I try to login with the
> admin account I'd created during the installation, the page refreshes
> and I see the login page again. I am not actually able to login. When
> I put an incorrect password, I get the 'incorrect username or
> password' error message. So it seems that my login credentials are
> being validated but for some reason I'm not going through into my account.
> I have tried creating other admin accounts and an editor account, but
> the same error persists on different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and
> Edge). Could someone please help?
> Many thanks,
> Ravi Murugesan
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