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Re: [EP-tech] GDPR and the "Request a copy" buttonn

Hello Laszlo,
Many thanks for your interesting reply. In terms of the data not being kept, I note that https://wiki.eprints.org/w/GDPR states:
Request a copy Dataset
This collects an email address and a reason for requesting the document. Without intervention this can be stored indefinitely.
Have you therefore set your own instance of EPrints not to store the data - or how do you monitor when the requested paper has been forwarded or rejected?
With thanks and best wishes,
Nicola Siminson | Institutional Repository and Records Manager
The Glasgow School of Art | 167 Renfrew Street | Glasgow | G3 6RQ | Tel: 0141 566 1417 | Email: n.siminson@gsa.ac.uk | www.gsa.ac.uk
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Subject: Re: [EP-tech] GDPR and the "Request a copy" buttonn
Dear Nicola,
according to my understanding, GDPR is relevant only if you KEEP the data.
In this case the data is not kept, only during the time it is necessary to forward the requested paper (or reject it). In this case GDPR is not relevant and gives no legally binding obligations.
Hope this helps.
Laszlo Csirmaz,
> Hello,
> I think there was some mention of GDPR on this list last year, but I'm
> And finally - I am familiar with this page and its contents - but
> there are still quite a lot of items marked as "TO DO", including the
> section "Request a copy Dataset":
> i.eprints.org%2Fw%2FGDPR&amp;data="">
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> KIfxgzTqk04%3D&amp;reserved=0
> My question is this: Would anyone on this list be willing to share with me what they consider the legal basis to be for processing personal data which is received when a user selects the "Request a copy" button, and fills in their contact details etc.? I realise that each institution makes a decision on which of the 6 legal bases it chooses for each of its processing activities - so I'm interested (on or off-list!) to know what colleagues think, and / or what you have stated in your privacy notices!
> With many thanks in advance for considering my request   :-)
> Best wishes,
> Nicola
> Nicola Siminson
> Institutional Repository and Records Manager The Glasgow School of Art
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