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[EP-tech] Bazaar Update Gone Wrong - ORCID Support

Hello again,

I have a follow-up question to me earlier one.

I attempted to upgrade the orcid support plugin to V1.7. I got an error
page saying:

Duplicate field name encountered: user.orcid

After restarting the server the repository went down. I changed all the
following in the orcid_zupport.pl script to:

#Enable the plugin!
$c->{plugins}{"Orcid"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Screen::Report::Orcid::UserOrcid"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Screen::Report::Orcid::AllUsersOrcid"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Screen::Report::Orcid::CreatorsOrcid"}{params}{disable} = 1;
$c->{plugins}{"Export::Report::CSV::CreatorsOrcid"}{params}{disable} = 1;

In order to disable the plugin. Still no signs of life from the server.
Changed the name of the script to end in .".pl.broken". Restarted the
server and got life, but on the staff view of an eprint I get an error:

Undefined subroutine &EPrints::ORCID::Utils::get_normalised_orcid
called at (eval 222) line 9.

Does anybody know what caused this and how I fix it?

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