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[EP-tech] hashes in EPrints

Happy New Year!


I am reaching out to the list about this issue of MD5 vs SHA256 hashes in EPrints.



Based on digging into our database:

·         EPrints generates file.hash values of file.hash_type MD5 for the following derivative files:

o   indexcodes.txt

o   lightbox.jpg

o   preview.jpg

o   medium.jpg

o   small.jpg

·         EPrints generated file.hash value of hash_type MD5 for most (but not all) of the uploaded files (such as PDF files).  Some of the older PDF files do not have a file.hash value stored in our database.

·         EPrints did not generate any file.hash values for the dataobj.xml files for the history objects.


The EPrints source code includes a function to generate MD5 and SHA256, but it looks like only the MD5 is ever called by default.  


Are these findings consistent with what you have in your EPrints instance?

Since we have MD5 by default in EPrints, do you agree that MD5 will be sufficient for the export to Archivematica?

Does anyone know why some of our uploaded files would have no file.hash?  Is that something that could have been caused by a bug EPrints that prevented hashes to be generated, but that was resolved at some point?







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