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[EP-tech] Translations and xpages


thanks for the quick response.

At least in the way I understand it, I very much disagree about the 
"significantly increased complexity". Could you please elaborate on that 
or correct my assumptions below?

Agreed, switching from the current to a different design would mean 
quite some work - and I am not demanding that. Anyone having a multilang 
instance is of course free to do it on their own and so are we. (Maybe 
better language handling would increase the number of multilang 

However, having said that, the only "negative" effect of the suggested 
design would be that we'd have one more file max per static page. One 
could of course use one dedicated "phrases/static.xml" file, which would 
mean only one more file per language.
Sure, for english-only repos that means doubling from one to two files, 
but I don't see that as overly complex. On the other hand, the suggested 
design reduces complexity and improves maintainability for every 
language added. And it seems to work fine for e.g. PKP's OJS and other 

I see a practical problem in having several places where xpages can be 
placed (under "cfg/lang/xy/static" and under "cfg/static"). That might 
make things confusing. But other than that I don't see much of a 
problem. Can you help me understand your concerns?

Best regards,

Am 03.04.2019 um 00:01 schrieb Christ?pher? Gutteridge:
> Yes. I made that decision and nobody appears to have undone it.
> The design you suggest would make your life easier at a significantly
> increased complexity for the one-language repositories which are the
> bulk of instances of EPrints.
> It's not perfect, but I think it was the right trade off.
> On 02/04/2019 12:26, Dennis M?ller via Eprints-tech wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> is there a sepcific reason why every language gets to have its own xpage
>> files with hardcoded text instead of having one central file containing
>> phrase references which could then be placed in the respective lang
>> directory?
>> Example:
>> Currently we're having
>> - eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/en/static/help.xpage
>> - eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/de/static/help.xpage
>> - eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/anyotherlang/static/help.xpage
>> that all provide structure and translation for the help page. If we were
>> to redesign the help page, we would have to change all the above files
>> accordingly.
>> So instead, couldn't we have only one file at
>> eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/static/help.xpage that provides the
>> structure and contains phrase refs (instead of "hard" text) that would
>> be provided from
>> - eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/en/phrases/help.xml
>> - eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/de/phrases/help.xml
>> - eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/anyotherlang/phrases/help.xml?
>> This way, structural changes would apply to all languages at once,
>> improving maintainability. The same goes for all plugins providing some
>> sort of static pages.
>> Any thoughts on this?
>> Best regards
>> Dennis

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