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Re: [EP-tech] Off-Campus Uploads

I reckon this might be an Elements thing.

I'd log a support ticket with Symplectic and see what they say.


Elements connects to EPrints with its own account - from the Elements server (and therefore IP address etc.).

It may be that Elements does pass on some proxy-like details such as an X-Forwarded-For header that Apache or EPrints is configured to do something with, but I don't think this is standard.


It might be worth posting Symplectic -related questions on the "Symplectic Repository Tools User Group" mailing list (SYMPLECTIC-RTUG@JISCMAIL.AC.UK- I think you'll need to sign up first). There's more Symplectic people over there - who may have encountered this as well.





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Hi All,


A quick one (hopefully); at Liverpool, users upload items to EPrints via Elements. Off-campus uploads don't seem to work (warning on the Elements screen explaining the file can't be uploaded).


In your collective experience, is this likely to be an EPrints, Elements, Apache or "institutional" problem/feature?


In my attempts to make the repository more carrot than stick, I want to reduce the number of service requests we receive and the off-campus uploads is by far the most common issue we receive.