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[EP-tech] Moving Things Around (ep_summary_content_left etc.)

Hi all,

I have yet another, *non-urgent*, question on my mission to be able to
comfortably manipulate the EPrints front end.

I recently changed a table to a styled "button" on EPrints (intentionally)
and while doing this I noticed that most of my EPrints content sits in a
div class: ep_summary_content_main.

There are several other divs that appear to be empty (I'm looking via the
Chrome Inspector):


Beneath main there is:


I can see that summary_page.xml populates ep_summary_content_main. I can
also see EPrint.pm creates these div elements and I'd guess that
eprint_render.pl plays a part. Aside from plugin content, are these div
elements ever "supposed" to be populated? I can't see a way to do it (aside
from in the config files of plugins e.g. Altmetric and CORE Recommender).

I did briefly wonder if each div element might require it's own version of
"summary_page.xml" but now I think not.

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