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Re: [EP-tech] SWORD deposit with Shibboleth Authentication

Hi Fran,

I am not aware of this being possible without a really hacky solution
that would almost certainly compromise security.  Even if you use
Shibboleth authentication, you can still have locally (On EPrints)
authenticated accounts, which can then be used to submit items to
EPrints using SWORD or other HTTP authed APIs.


David Newman

On Fri, 2018-12-14 at 14:45 +0000, Fran Callaghan via Eprints-tech
> Hi All,
> Can anybody advise me if it possible to configure SWORD deposit on an
> eprints instance using Shibboleth authentication? Surely the
> depositing system can still sign on directly to perform SWORD
> deposits and avoid the Shibboleth auth methods?
> Thanks everybody,
> Fran Callaghan
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