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[EP-tech] Front End/JacaScript


It's me again (sorry). I'm trying to get to grips with the EPrints front
end this week.

I've managed to find (hopefully) all of the autoloading JavaScript and CSS
files and managed to make a couple of my own in my repository directories.

I was looking today at how these boxes work (any collapse/expand box in

[image: image.png]

When I inspect the "+" symbol in chrome it takes me to an element with this:

<a class="ep_box_collapse_link" onclick="EPJS_blur(event);
false" href="#"><img alt="+" src="/style/images/plus.png" border="0"> CORE
(COnnecting REpositories)</a>

A quick google points me to this file in Eprints:


Can anybody advise me, or point me to some guidance, on how I would alter
the behaviour of this piece of JavaScript? I'm not certain, but I'm about
99% sure that I don't edit Box.pm at this location.

This isn't particularly urgent, I'm just trying to learn how it works.

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