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[EP-tech] Phrases, Pins and If

Hi All,

I'm looking for some guidance with this problem:

I have an EPrints phrase that uses pins. I can see where the pins are set
up and create my own, so I could solve this using Perl.

I want to include a condition in my phrase that depends on the value
contained in the pin. Example:

<epp:phrase id="eprint_thesis_notify_mail">
The embargo period has been set at: <epc:pin name="emperiod" /> with the
reason being given as testZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZtest:<br/>
<epc:if test="emreason = ''"> No reason has been provided.</epc:if>
<epc:if test="<epc:pin name='emreason' /> != ''"> <epc:pin name="emreason"
/> <br/><br/></epc:if>

I've used different format in each IF. I comment one out depending on which
I'm testing. The second one won't work which I'm not surprised about). The
pin in question is this "emreason" pin. Importantly, the phrase is in the
perl script like this:

$mail = $repo->html_phrase( "eprint_thesis_notify_mail", %pins );

I could do what I need in the Perl script, but this seems like a good
chance to become more familiar with phrases, plus I want to use a similar
set-up for another idea I have.

If anybody could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate

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