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[EP-tech] v. 3.3.15: Reference to non-existing &EPrints::Apache::Sword::authenticate


we realized that unfortunately our SWORD 1.3-API does not work anymore 
because accounts that want to deliver data cannot authenticate. An 
Internal Server Error occurs. The problem seems linked with an Apache 
update we did last year in November, chances are we made a mistake in 
that process.

I am afraid after my code investigation I still do not quite understand 
(i.e. overview) how SWORD is actually implemented, and the docs in the 
E-Prints wiki seem pretty much outdated. Core E-Prints seems to roughly 
support SWORD 2.0 somehow, right? We originally had to install legacy 
SWORD 1.3 plug-in because our client, the only SWORD-client by then, 
does not support the newer version.

But then again I read 
and I wonder how could ever work what the core provides. 
&EPrints::Apache::Sword::authenticate cannot be resolved as there is no 
such package in the sources.

However it was working a couple of years, we currently get messages 
about the irresoluble package written into log and the client does not 
care because it is primarily us who want him to deliver the data.

And is it possible after all to support both versions of SWORD with 
E-Prints 3.3.15? This is necessary because our SWORD suppliers will 
differ in the version they support.

Kind regards

UB Heidelberg (Altstadt)
Pl?ck 107-109, 69117 HD
Abt. Informationstechnik