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[EP-tech] ORCID Support Advance Update

Hi Will,

thank you for the new version and fixing two issues thereby.

I don't understand your argumentation for not using a DOI lookup during 
the import from ORCID process. The data in Crossref which includes some 
ORCIDs will already have been authorized by the author(s), otherwise the 
ORCIDs would not be part of Crossref data. Thereby, I see no reason that 
the users have to authorize again in the repository. I also see no 
reason why a user want to (manually) replace an ORCID coming from 
Crossref. Is there a realistic scenario for that? However, even besides 
the ORCID information, the other bibliographic data from Crossref is 
much better than the one which can be imported by orcid.org only. Can 
you reconsider the availability of an DOI import for the ORCID plugin?

Best regards,

Am 11.07.2018 um 16:15 schrieb Will Fyson:
> Hi Everyone,
> A couple of minor updates have been applied to the ORCID Support Advance plugin,
> bringing it up to version 1.3.2.
> The updates are only very minor, fixing issues where the plugin was generating a
> few too many messages in the indexer and error logs. A Change Log documenting
> these most recent changes is available at https://wiki.eprints.org/w/ORCID_Support
> Regarding the discussion a couple of emails above in the EP-Tech list ("Import
> by DOI in ORCID plugin"), a new DOI imported that takes ORCIDs into account is
> not available at present. Due to the requirements that the ORCID field must be
> readonly when connected to the member API so that ORCIDs can only be added via
> an authoritative source, the ORCID field that is added to the creator/editor
> tables cannot be edited. Therefore to stop values from being entered, which then
> later cannot be removed, the ORCID field uses the creator/editor 'Email' column
> to lookup user profiles in the repository that have connected to orcid.org so
> that the creator/editor ORCID field can be verified. As such any ORCID added via
> a DOI import, might then be erased if the user profile lookup cannot be made.
> This is an issue we're looking into resolving however and so hopefully we should
> have some updates on it in the future!
> Many thanks,
> Will