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Re: [EP-tech] non working DataciteDoi plugin (Recollect installed)


 this version should works:

https://github.com/eprints/datacite/blob/fixed/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Export/DataCiteXML.pm (note the FIXED name of the branch ;-) )

while this:


lead to a malformed datacite (but aim to support all the field, maybe they use exactly the datacite metadata??)

Please, can someone fix bazaar including the working DOI plugin? I think the eprintsug works for a particular site, while eprints/datacite branch fixed should work in almost every 3.3.15 eprints site.

Do you agree?

Il 30/03/2018 11:41, Yuri ha scritto:

   I'm using Recollect Plugin together with DataCiteDoi, both from
bazaar, Eprints 3.3.15

   I'm wondering how this plugin can work. It totally misses, for
example, contributors which are *mandatory* for Datacite MDS v4. When
calling the MDS api, I get:

The content of element 'resource' is not complete. One of
"http://datacite.org/schema/kernel-4":fundingReferences}' is expected.

I also had to comment out the "type" mapping in
lib/cfg.d/z_datacite_mapping.pl because it got inserted on the top (*).
Luckly, Recollect has a "data_type" which get correctly mapped on

|<resourceType resourceTypeGeneral="Dataset">Dataset</resourceType>|

So, I need some help if you've been able to make it work, I'm a little

(*) another issue is the order of the field, given by:

foreach my $field ( $dataobj->{dataset}->get_fields) in

Being it a standard with known fields, to avoid errors, shouldn't be it
a fixed and ordered list of fields?

(**) Also, isn't the test server test.mds.datacite.org and not
test.datacite.org/mds? If so, the z_datacitedoi.pl can be updated with
the correct url?

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