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[EP-tech] Generic Reporting Framework v3.0

Hi Everyone,

We've today published an update to the Generic Reporting Framework that 
should make it more useful out-of-the-box and more configurable for 
existing reports and future reports.

The updates are documented at 
https://wiki.eprints.org/w/Generic_Reporting_Framework but to provide a 
brief overview of the new functionality, the update includes:

 1. *New 'EPrints' and 'User' custom reports.* These allow for reports
    to be generated about the eprint and user datasets. Once the reports
    are generated they can be exported, with the 'Export Options'
    interface allowing you to choose which fields you'd like to include
    in your exported report, making it much easier to create
    spreadsheets that only contain the relevant information.

 2. *HTML Report Export. *This new export format creates an HTML page of
    the generated report. The look and feel of this report can be
    configured by specifying a custom template to be used, or using CSS
    classes, and the HTML report can also be printed to PDF using your
    browser's print to PDF functionality.

 3. *Grouping and Sorting. *Reports now have 'Group by' and 'Sort by'
    options where configured allowing for the items in a report to be

 4. *Export Virtual Report Fields. *Virtual fields may be defined in the
    report's configuration allowing for values generated by a custom
    function to be included in the export.

We hope you find these updates useful!

Merry Christmas!

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