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[EP-tech] Moderate create account

?and if you go down this route, look for the config option 'allow_web_signup' (possibly in [EPRINTS ROOT]/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/registration.pl).

I though this initially - but allowing a user to create an inactive account means they can do the hard work of entering their details into the stytem (and set a password, that you don't ever need to know/see/assign/invent).
For one of our closed-access research data repositories we have a 'request access' form which auto creates a non-active account with a non-activated token for the requested dataset.

It really does depend on how many users you will need to deal with!


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Hi Agung

                Further to this, why not just have an email form to request accounts and have an admin check the email and create accounts as necessary?  If it?s low volume, then that might the right solution.


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Hi Agung,
I don't think this option exists by default, but you could alter the registration process along these lines:
- the email sent to the person creating the account is just a 'we are processing your registration'
- the email with the 'activate account' link (that includes the pin) is sent to whoever will moderate the user accounts

You would probably also want to generate an email once the user has been activated to let them know they can now log in.

Does that sound like a sensible solution for your requirements?
If so, I can provide some more pointers for how to achieve this.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Moderate create account


Can EPrints set to moderate every user that using create account? So admin can accept or reject when user register a new account.

Thank you,

Agung Prasetyo W.
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