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[EP-tech] Multiple Uploaded Files in One Directory

Yes ? we?ve seen it before, and reported it ? it seems to happen occasionally when multiple items are uploaded simultaneously and don?t get put in their separate directory.

The fudgy solution I?ve used in the past when I find them is to copy (scp ?) the inaccessible file out of the directory structure, then re-upload it to the item via the repository interface where it should then be put in its own directory.
Hope that helps a little?


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Morning all,

I'm very new to the world of EPrints and I'm still getting to grips with it.

I was alerted to a problem today where a file uploaded to Eprints is giving a "404 File not Found" warning when attempting to view/download the document.

On the repository server the document is present but appears in the same directory as another document (which can be accessed through eprints). There is then a a third document in a second directory that can be accessed.

Looking in the database I can see that all three documents are public and should be accessible.

As I understand it, the URL matches the file structure as:


And on the server are stored somewhere in the Eprints directory as:


As in a one-to-one between DocPos and doc name (I've looked at some other examples with more than 2 documents in one EPrint and each one follows this so far).

Firstly, are my assumptions correct?
Has anybody had a similar thing happen before?

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