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[EP-tech] OAI set where filter is negative?

Is it possible to define an OAI set filter based on a field NOT matching a value?

push @{$c->{oai}->{custom_sets}}, { spec => "full_text_public_NOT_accepted_manuscript", name => "full_text_public_NOT_accepted_manuscript", filters => [

                 { meta_fields => [ "eprint_status" ], value=>"archive", match=>"IN", merge=>"ANY" },
                { meta_fields => [ "full_text_status" ], value=>"public", match=>"IN", merge=>"ANY" },
                { meta_fields => [ "title" ], value=>"Accepted Manuscript", match=>"IN", merge=>"ALL" },

] };

What I want is the opposite of the last filter clause there:  everything where title does NOT contain the phrase '[Accepted Manuscript]'.  I can't find any docs that define the permitted operators for defining filters. I know there are

*         match=>"IN",

*         match=>"EQ",
Is there something like

*         match=>"NOT IN", merge=>"ALL"
I've tried a few obvious permutations, to no avail.  I'm not in a position to modify the code, so it's just a case of is there anything I can do with the standard custom set operators



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