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[EP-tech] Using DOI lookup during import from ORCID in EPrints

Dear all,

I have discussed the issue about a DOI lookup during the import from 
ORCID, which I raised weeks ago, with ORCID further. They don't have a 
general problem with that, but we have to be careful in the 
implemenation of such a Crossref lookup. Here is their answer:

After some further discussion with the wider team, we have agreed that 
it would be ok to implement the workflow you suggested: " the user has 
in our repository connected his ORICD, granted our repository the rights 
to read information, click on import from ORCID, chooses the items to 
import and then click on the import button. This last click can either 
1) only use the information which is directly saved at ORCID or 2) also 
look up the DOI at Crossref and uses that information as well. "

Also, as Eprints mentioned, the iD field should be non editable. We want 
to avoid iDs lookups or researchers adding iDs manually. Instead, the iD 
should be obtained through authentication, via the API.

Would it be okay now to implement such a Crossref lookup during import 
in the official ORCID Support Advance Plugin? I would rather avoid to 
create a fork or anything else.

Best regards,