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Re: [EP-tech] eprints error reload configuration

> ephank marsidi <ephankmarsidi@gmail.com> hat am 26. Januar 2018 um 15:18 geschrieben:
> I've changed some configuration files, like: index.xpage, information.xpage etc
> and save it. then i reload configuration, the error said: error reload
> configuration : errors in configuration files.
> Sometimes, when i save the edited configuration files, it said: Did not
> install modified configuration file.
any modification of *.xpage should be followed by regeneration of the static pages:
EprintsRoot/bin/generate_static repoID

> I will send you some figures about the error.
your modifications via web front end should be finalized by an refresh of the database content and the apache cache, to get them inline with the recently modified configuration files:
EprintsRoot/bin/epadmin update repoID; apachectl graceful
(or similar) will update database structure and restart your web server

> Sorry for my bad english. I hope my problem can be solved.
come back with the output (apache and/or eprints) of the aforementioned commands or
just confirm that everything is up & running :)

Good luck