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Re: [EP-tech] Welsh language phrases

Hi Alan


                One thing I was really interested while EPrints community manager was community curated language packs for EPrints.  If you’re going to be creating one, and you don’t mind sharing it, we should talk about some of the ideas I had along these lines (to be fair, they never got past half-baked).


                I think this could be as simple as a github repositoriy with a phrase file in it for all the standard EPrints phrases, and then local customisations managed separately.  There may need to be some fancy footwork involved with the updating of phrases through the web interface, but keeping the language pack up-to-date could be as simple as approving pull requests.






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We are looking at multi-languaging a number of our sites shortly – does anyone on the list use / have a welsh language option, and are you willing to share the phrase files with me please?




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