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[EP-tech] "ORCID Support" plugin and "Generic Reporting Framework" plugin

Hi GF,

Yes, the Generic Reporting Framework (GRF) is required for the ORCID 
support plugin.  The GRF plugin, as far as I know will not change the 
public-facing side of your repository and will be invisible to all but 
repository admins that will see an extra 'Report' link in the main menu 
after the Admin link.  If you want to disable this, along with the 
export formats that come with plugin, then that is quite 
straightforward.  Just move your archive's cfg/cfg.d/z_reports.pl to 
z_reports.pl.disabled or just comment out its contents.  I do not 
believe this should have any adverse on the rest of your repository but 
I have not thoroughly tested this.


David Newman

On 04/04/2018 12:28, Gilles Fourni? wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to install the ORCID Support plugin (on a 3.3.12 EPrints).
> After the installation (without any error), I can no more reload the
> configuration : I get errors like "Can't locate
> EPrints/Plugin/Screen/Report.pm".
> I have not installed the Generic Reporting Framework plugin.
> But, from the Wiki page :
>   > Where the Generic Reporting Framework plugin has been installed, new
> reports will become available, under the heading 'ORCID Dashboard'.
> I understood that the Generic Reporting plugin was not mandatory and
> will be detected.
> As I didn't intend to install the Generic Reporting plugin, I wonder how
> I can disable all the reporting functions of the ORCID plugin.
> Or am I obliged to install the Generic Reporting plugin ?
> (I imagine that I could simply delete all the Report:Orcid*.pm files;
> but it may not be a good idea)
> Thanks.
> GF
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