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[EP-tech] Tweaking the "creators" section on the workflow

To flesh that out a bit more. There's a bit of code I wrote that lets 
you get a single property from a "compound" field. This lets you loop 
over a field like creator and set how it renders each item in the loop. 
However, this only changes how it renders on the summary (or citation). 
The solution with DOM hacking in perl is required to change the way it 
renders throughout the system.

example for the citations/eprints/summary_page.xml file;

      <epc:foreach expr="$item{dates}" iterator="date">
        <div class='uos-eprints-dv'><span
expr="$date.subproperty('date_type')" /> date:</span> <epc:print
expr="$date.subproperty('date')" /></div>

(you'd have to tweak this to loop over creators and render the subproperties how you like)
Add this Code to eprint_render.pl:

sub EPrints::Script::Compiled::run_subproperty
          my( $self, $state, $objvar, $value ) = @_;

          if( !defined $objvar->[0] )
                  $self->runtime_error( "can't get a property
{".$value->[0]."} from undefined value" );
          my $ref = ref($objvar->[1]);

          if( $ref !~ m/::/ || ! $objvar->[1]->isa(
"EPrints::MetaField::Compound" ) )
                  $self->runtime_error( "can't get a subproperty from
anything except a compound field value, when trying to get
".$value->[0]." from a $ref" );
          my $field = $objvar->[1];
          if( $field->get_property( "multiple" ) )
                  $self->runtime_error( "can't get a subproperty from a
multiple field." );

          my $fc = $field->get_property( "fields_cache" );
          my $sub_field;
          my @ok = ();
          foreach my $a_sub_field ( @{$fc} )
                  push @ok, $a_sub_field->{sub_name};
                  if( $a_sub_field->{sub_name} eq $value->[0] )
                          $sub_field = $a_sub_field;
          if( !defined $sub_field ) {
                  $self->runtime_error( "unknown sub-field of a compound:
".$value->[0].". OK values: ".join( ", ", @ok )."." );
          $sub_field->set_property( "multiple", 0 );

          return [
                  $objvar->[0]->{ $value->[0] },
                  $sub_field ];

On 12/07/2017 12:22, Christopher Gutteridge wrote:
> See my recent post about adding a subproperty method... It means you 
> can style creators display in the summary page file... If I've 
> understood correctly.
> On 12 Jul 2017 10:28 am, Andrew Beeken <anbeeken at lincoln.ac.uk> wrote:
>     Hello all,
>     I?m trying to alter the output on the ?Creators? section on the
>     EPrints workflow however I?m not sure how to go about doing this.
>     I?ve added, to my new installation, a field for Internal ID to
>     handle a lookup for the new LDAP based user management. This
>     appears at the end of the available fields in the Creator View
>     which is comprised of:
>     Family Name
>     Given Name
>     Unique ID (I think that this a field added by some previous system
>     alterations)
>     Role (Dropdown)
>     Internal ID (New field)
>     What I?d like to do is get rid of the Unique ID field and move the
>     Internal ID field so that it looks like:
>     Family Name
>     Given Name
>     Internal ID
>     Role
>     Any thoughts?
>     Andrew
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