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Re: [EP-tech] UTF

Sounds like you have a letter “à” in your subjects file?  If the file is saved as one of the Latin-1 family of encodings (ISO-8859-x, Windows-1252, etc.) that letter will be encoded as the byte E0.  EPrints wants the file saved as UTF-8, in which case the letter will be encoded as the bytes C3 A0.


I’m not sure how to tell your editor to save the file using a different encoding, but that’s likely what you have to do.




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Dear all,

I've modified the file </usr/share/eprints3/archives/ssab/cfg/subjects> with a new hierarchy.

Then I used "/usr/share/eprints3/bin/import_subjects <archive id>" for import my new list of subjects, but I've a problem with UTF. This is the error:

utf8 "\xE0" does not map to Unicode at /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Import/FlatSubjects.pm line 44, <$fh> line 57.

My archive is still empty (I'm a newbie of Eprints!) and I can destroy it. But how can I avoid problems before I recreate it?

Many thanks,

Mario Santanché


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