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[EP-tech] Migrating output data - most efficient way

Hello all!

So, my quest to get the Lincoln repository onto a more standard EPrints install continues! Thanks for help with Ubuntu versions etc; I've now got that knowledge together and can start to look at the migration. I know I've asked this in the past, but my scope has changed slightly. Now, instead of looking at recreating our live repository like for like, I'm just looking at migrating the output data into a fresh EPrints installation and working from there.

I know I realistically have two options - importing from an EPrints XML dump off the main site or through a database dump. I'm assuming that in both cases I'll need to bring over essential field definition, phrase and workflow files to avoid causing issues, and I'm assuming that, ideally, the database route would be best to make sure that any "in review" or hidden items are also brought across. Main qustions:

*         Am I right in this assumption?

*         Can I JUST bring out a subset of tables for the deposit data or do I have to do a full database export? I'd ideally prefer to not do the latter as there are customisations to the user table in our live EPrints that I'm trying to avoid replicating in this new environment.

*         Are there any gotchas I should be aware of?

Thanks, as always, in advance!

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